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Leadership Lifeline discusses six tenets essential to a successful leader's life. A tenet constitutes a truth, principle, or doctrine that does not change. Areas of focus include courage, communication, character, strategic visioning, crisis management, and second-chance leadership. Drawing from historical leadership accounts, everyday human extraordinary examples, and the author's own personal experiences, Leadership Lifeline encourages the reader to incorporate these key principles into their own lives.  

Leadership Book -Essential Tenets for Success

Learn about different leadership types and the places they command in modern business by reading "Leadership Lifeline," an enthralling look at the fundamental tenets that make up a successful dynamic leadership style. This new leadership book by retired college president Dr. Jim Kerley defines such leadership components as courage, character, having a strategic vision, and crisis management. Jim honors truly courageous people like Mary Walker, who was the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor from her Civil War contributions.

As he writes about leadership and how it inspired him through life, Jim's book stands as a beacon for young and old. It is like a safety net for aspiring and established leaders who can all benefit from the advice and lessons of one who has experienced the ups and downs of a life of service and leadership.

Jim also engages in public speaking for colleges, businesses, and different groups with interest in what leadership is and how to become a great leader. He is proud of his success and wants to share his secrets with everyone.

Jim Kerely

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Dr Martin Luther King

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Examples of Speaking Topics: 
1: Overview of the 6 Leadership Tenets 
2: 3 C's of Leadership 
3: Leading Changing in the 21st Century 
4: Character Matters 
5: Managing Crisis 
6: 21st Century Communication 
7: 2nd Chance Leadership"